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Fill for kinkmeme's Ghost Story prompt, as well as for much newer Halloween prompt.

Story so far : Professor Calculus was invited to England by his old colleague, younger brother of Lord of Moonshire, and he took Captain, Tintin and Snowy along. The Manor feels slightly strange (especially to Snowy and Captain), but nothing unusual happened at first. Yet, the second night of their visit was full of unpleasant hair-rising surprises. Which led into Captain spending the rest of night in Tintin's bed. In all chastity! Next day, when household was captured in Captain's storytelling, Tintin went to investigate for source of strange night noises and ended up trapped in hostile room. Meanwhile, Professor and Snowy encounter a strange translucent girl. Using his wits, Tintin was able to escape. However, Moonshire Manor is still full of mysteries.

Warnings : Tintin/Haddock established relationship. Spooky stuffs. Mild fluff.

part one part two part three part four this part part six [next parts pending]

The Mystery of Moonshire Manor (part 5)

Human’s scream.
Snowy lifted his head, his whole body tensing.
Human’s scream = troubles = …
Snowy yapped and rushed towards closed door. He turned at Professor and gave him the OpenThatDoorNOW Look.
Cuthbert looked up from The Corpus Aristotelicum he has been reading to lull himself to sleep. The way Snowy switched from comfortably dozing on his bed to full attention and haste to door, that determinate nervous look he gave him could only mean one thing.
Tintin! Professor tossed the book aside and hurried to open the door.

It was unconditioned reaction. Reflex developed during their surprisingly dangerous travels. Most people would freeze due to shock or surprise when hearing somebody else’s scream, but Tintin and Archibald would hasten towards the source of that voice immediately. One because it might be something interesting to write about or somebody in distress, the other in mostly futile attempt to protect the first from being injured or kidnapped.
So Tintin, barefooted and in pajama, sprinted to bedroom door and thrown them open without thinking, knowing that Captain was just few steps behind him. He always is.
The ginger passed by door to Professor’s room just seconds before they opened and Cuthbert rushed out of them, right into Archibald. The force of their collision send Professor to floor, whereas Captain, hardy enough to withstand much stronger impacts, grabbed his nose with moan and very, very vulgar curse. Hearing Archibald’s swearing Tintin turned on his heel to check what happened. Despite the graveness of situation, he can’t avoid chuckling at the way how Snowy frisked around his friends, Professor sitting on hard wooden floor with completely perplexed expression and Captain standing perfectly still, head tilted backward and pressing his nose, muttering his ridiculous curses. The ginger paced swiftly back to them, tapped Cuthbert on shoulder sympathetically, but his whole attention turned already towards his lover.
“Oh my poor thing. Is it broken?”
“It huuurts like that.”
“Show me.” Tintin shoved Archibald’s hands aside and gently touched his majestic nose. Captain hissed. “Shush.” Tintin moved with the tip slightly. “You are lucky, it’s only bumped.”
“Whatta Lucky Devil I am.”
Tintin smiled at him. “The most luckiest one.”
“Thank Goodness.” Professor gathered himself up. “Really, Captain. You shouldn’t be running around hallways like a madman. Especially in somebody else house.”
“Cuthbert, yer …”
Tintin quickly laid his hands on Archibald’s shoulders, which always calmed his quick-tempered Captain down somehow. “Actually, Professor, you too were rather … unobservant.”
“What’s with servant?”
“No. Unobservant!”
“Oh. Yes.” Cuthbert admitted simply.
Snowy wedged his way between Tintin’s and Archibald’s legs, adopting such position that both of them would sense his silent growling. None of them, neither his humans, nor Professor did notice it. The strange presence, the feeling of animosity and danger, slowly leaking from darkness at the end of hallway, that end where Captain’s room was located.
Both Tintin and Archibald stiffened with Snowy’s growl.
“But Snowy was very persistent to see you immediately.” Cuthbert swept the last piece of invisible dust from his pajama, oblivious to sudden change of mood.
Tintin looked in the way Snowy was facing, letting go off Captain’s shoulders. “Calm down, boy. It’s just dark.” But his voice doesn’t have that certainty as always.
Snowy tilted his ears back, bared his teeth threateningly and growled even louder.
Archibald squinted into the darkness at the end of hallway. It was thick and impenetrable as any darkness in old house tends to be, but the longer he gazed into it, the more sure he was that somebody, or something, is standing there, hiding under the cover of freezing murk, waiting for the right moment.
But it might be only his imagination.
Please, please, let it be only my imagination. It gave Captain the willies.
“Doesn’t somebody standing there?” Professor took off his glasses and wiped them with tail of his pajama shirt. “Or do I have such dirty spectacles?”
Oh, come on.” Tintin too was looking at the silhouette. “Who could have it be? And why would he be standing there without moving? Moreover, that hallway is blind, we would have heard him going there.”
“Really?” Captain shifted uncomfortably, eyes still glued to the silhouette. “Cuthbert is deaf …”
“Hard-of-hearing.” Professor corrected him automatically.
“Fine, almost deaf, and we didn’t exactly paid attention due to our loud discussion.”
“Well, …” The ginger tried to think up more logical arguments, but instead he yelped and jerked himself towards Archibald, as the dark shape in the darkness moved. Captain’s arms wrapped around him automatically, pulling his boy closer and spinning them around so that any assail which might have come would firstly hit the old sea dog.
“Archie!” Tintin cried out, staggered by his lover’s gesture.
Snowy barked furiously and took off after the shape.
“NO!” Tintin yelled at his dog.
“WAIT!” Captain roared at Snowy.
“STOP!” Cuthbert thrown his hands high in the air, as in attempt to halt the white dog.
Snowy stopped and looked back at them, crouched down and whined, looked almost physically hurt by their shouting.
“Whatever it was, yer not chasing after it!”
Professor wondered whether Archibald said it to Tintin or to Snowy.
“SIRS!” The shouting of butler came from downstairs. “Sirs!” They could hear somebody rushing towards them and shortly after butler and gardener entered their field of vision. Both dressed in nightclothes, the gardener holding candelabrum. “Sirs! Heavens gracious, are you all right?!” The butler was uncharacteristically dishevelled.
“Yes, we are.” Professor looked at servants and back at his friends with quizzical expression.
Snowy crawled back up to his humans, crestfallen.
“We heard woman’s scream.” Captain showed no intentions to leg go off Tintin. And Tintin didn’t protest the slightest.
“That was Emily, the maidservant.”
“What happened?” The ginger sensed way too familiar rushing of heated chill up his spine, that telltale sing of problems ahead.
“S-somebody has been murdered.”

Ackerley was doctor, and good one, everyone could confirm that. Ever since he was child he known that one day he would become the reputable village doctor with established private practice, that kind of jovially gentleman who knows all his patients by name and smiles at children and always has a kind word for elderly people. He love his job.
And thanks to it he known that he can’t stop and contemplate about what had happened, about that mutilated body in main study, body without name and face and head and left leg and … Oh Lord, he was sick. He was in deep state of shock, acting automatically, doing what he had done so many times, without actually thinking, because if he would, he would fall apart and then he would be useless and useless doctor is bad doctor.
He gave Emily the smelling salt and when she opened her eyes he hushed her with such calm and steady voice that it surprised even him.
“It’s the Curse.” She whimpered before cook and another maid lead her away to kitchen, because there is nothing more calming than camomile tea. One might think otherwise, but shall never said such daring thing aloud in front of Miss Humpfrey, the cook of Moonshire. Unless he wish for surprisingly well aimed hit of dishcloth.
“Ackley!” Professor and his friends walked into the room, servants silently accompanying them.
“Lord!” Ackerley hurled himself at Cuthbert, in very ungentlemanly way. “Oh, thank Lord, you are all safe. I thought … Lord, I thought …”
“Now now, calm down old man,” Professor patted his friend on back.
“Blistering barnacles.” Captain muttered. “What is this ruckus all about?”
And before Tintin could silently admonish him, the butler answered, having, as every butler around the world, exceptionally good hearing. “Why, the Curse.”
“Curse of Moonshire.”

author's notes
Sorry for such delay on this part. My RL is rather hectic at the moment. And probably would be for awhile.
But nevertheless I hope you are enjoing this story. Since I do, and so much that I keep writing bits and pieces I dind't even planed originally. The gruesome murded was supposed to happen two parts earlier already. And the Plotbunnies are still multiplying. ^.~
x Corpus Aristotelicum are compiled works of Aristoteles. So it's technically impossible to bring all of those along to your travel. But I believe know for sure, that Professor owns the whole collection and only brings certain book with himself to have something easy to read before sleep.
x Yes, the fearsome Curse of Moonshire. *evil grin* More about it in next part.

Date: 01/12/2012 08:17 (UTC)From: [personal profile] unicorn1980
Oh I love your stories!! Thanks for updating even though things are hectic. And sorry I didn't read this immediately, this was my first chance because things were so busy here yesterday. Hehe, I loved how calculus and captain crashes into each other, just like in the comics. And Tintin yelping and finding himself in captain's protective arms, adorable! Snowy is sometimes the star of the story, he is so wonderful. I am patiently looking forward to finding out more of the mysterious curse.


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