29 November 2012

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Fill for kinkmeme's Ghost Story prompt, as well as for much newer Halloween prompt.

Story so far : Professor Calculus was invited to England by his old colleague, younger brother of Lord of Moonshire, and he took Captain, Tintin and Snowy along. The Manor feels slightly strange (especially to Snowy and Captain), but nothing unusual happened at first. Yet, the second night of their visit was full of unpleasant hair-rising surprises. Which led into Captain spending the rest of night in Tintin's bed. In all chastity! Next day, when household was captured in Captain's storytelling, Tintin went to investigate for source of strange night noises and ended up trapped in hostile room. Meanwhile, Professor and Snowy encounter a strange translucent girl. Using his wits, Tintin was able to escape. However, Moonshire Manor is still full of mysteries.

Warnings : Tintin/Haddock established relationship. Spooky stuffs. Mild fluff.

part one part two part three part four this part part six [next parts pending]

Stay overnight, if you dare. )


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