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Oh God, look at it!
I haven't been around the meme for two weeks and so many things had happened.
Why, just WHY you got in the way, Real Life?

Anyway, I have some difficulties to deal with right now, so ... duh.
Sorta in delay with my writing. (I wonder if I will finish my ghost story Tintin fanfic before Halloween. Probably not. But I'll post first part hopefully soon.)

I finally created a FanFiction account where I slowly repost my fictions. Stop by if you want.

Date: 20/10/2012 14:14 (UTC)From: [personal profile] unicorn1980
Hey, there you are :D two weeks feels like a month in internet time. I missed our chats <3 I hope everything's okay in 'real life'. Don't worry about the ghost fic, Halloween is still quite a few days away. I haven't even started my Halloween Tintin fic o.o Eeeek, I'd better get a move on.

Date: 20/10/2012 18:53 (UTC)From: [personal profile] unicorn1980
Wow you are busy! No wonder you've got no energy. Sounds like you need some relaxation time :) Hard to get that sometimes in RL though, I know.

As much as I enjoy short PWP fics, I do love a good long multi chapter fic. There's always the next part to look forward to and it's exciting to follow a new adventure. So sprawling a fic out can definitely be a good thing! Anyway, it doesn't matter if you don't finish it in time for Halloween. Writing's meant to be fun after all, not an extra pressure :)

Date: 20/10/2012 23:29 (UTC)From: [personal profile] kadytheredpanda
kadytheredpanda: write me bitch (plotbunny)

Writing is my major (and perhaps most relaxing) past time too. If I'm not updating for forever something is wrong. I always have a ton of stories in development too- working on that my take of my "Prof Calculus is a Time Lord" prompt, finishing up that fic Lapin Petite asked me to write for her, "Last Chance," "Fishes Out of Water," werewolf!Haddock, conversation fic (love those too, BTW), a private Tintin fic (it's a really odd kink of mine taken to the extreme and I'm kinda scared to post it online), other ficlets in other fandoms, etc. It's like juggling. XD

Date: 21/10/2012 18:32 (UTC)From: [personal profile] unicorn1980
Yes, the beauty of 'anonymous' :D

Date: 20/10/2012 17:14 (UTC)From: [personal profile] kadytheredpanda
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Don't worry. I haven't stared mine either.

Yeah, real life can be quite sucky. If my life was like my online life I would probably be much happier. XD


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