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I'm back! More or less.
*crushes everyone in bear hug* Come on my ample bosom, girls! ^^ I missed you all. (And my perverted self missed you so much much more. ^.~) I'm gonna read through all your posts asap! :3

Firstly, even though I'm few days too late, but anyway. Happy New Year, everybody!
I wanted to post here sooner, but ... you surely know, hectic time, laziness, family, laziness, learning for exams, laziness, illness, and all those stuff.

January is really important month to me. Not only it's my birthsday on 28th (and OMG, I'm turning 23 this year). Mostly, this month still feels festive, and people are trying to keep up with own New Years resolutions, so they are trying to be nice. Nicer. They mostly will falter after few weeks, but anyway.
And, as usuall, I went down with a flu.
But also I like this month 'cause I usually have a lot of free-ish time. Yet I'm more than terribly lazy, so I'm just plotting various plotlines without actually making any notes. Those which will remain in my mind are the most persistent plotbunnies ever, deserving to be written! One Hell of a persistent plotbunnies, I tell you. XD

aaand, as a small bonus, here is the delayed Picture of the Month for January 2013 )


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