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Late but at least, here is the picture of the month for February. :3

On the other hand, my RL settled down finally, well, sort of. Expect me to pop up unexpectedly. ^^

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I'm back! More or less.
*crushes everyone in bear hug* Come on my ample bosom, girls! ^^ I missed you all. (And my perverted self missed you so much much more. ^.~) I'm gonna read through all your posts asap! :3

Firstly, even though I'm few days too late, but anyway. Happy New Year, everybody!
I wanted to post here sooner, but ... you surely know, hectic time, laziness, family, laziness, learning for exams, laziness, illness, and all those stuff.

January is really important month to me. Not only it's my birthsday on 28th (and OMG, I'm turning 23 this year). Mostly, this month still feels festive, and people are trying to keep up with own New Years resolutions, so they are trying to be nice. Nicer. They mostly will falter after few weeks, but anyway.
And, as usuall, I went down with a flu.
But also I like this month 'cause I usually have a lot of free-ish time. Yet I'm more than terribly lazy, so I'm just plotting various plotlines without actually making any notes. Those which will remain in my mind are the most persistent plotbunnies ever, deserving to be written! One Hell of a persistent plotbunnies, I tell you. XD

aaand, as a small bonus, here is the delayed Picture of the Month for January 2013 )
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Here is the picture of the month for December. ^.~
Since we all do silly things when bored, non?

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Oh man, I almost forgot!
Here is the picture of the month for November. ^.~
Another "fake" cover for Tintin's adventures. Aaand, we're staying in the Halloween-ish theme. *grin*

King Ottokar's ... what?! )
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I can tell, in all honesty, that the original Star Trek series is my childhood. It run on TV every sunday when I was around 10-12 years of age and I watched it with my mom. I loved it and I still do, but I must admit that for me TOS is the one and only true Star Trek. All latter series (Voyager, Enterprise, DS9, whatever) had never appealed to me so much as that old naive and sometimes even primitive original from 60's. The crew with Mister Spock, Doctor "Bones" McCoy and Captain Kirk, the overacting, the stylization, those visible strings on which space-ship models hanged, the painted background, ... *dreamy sigh*

So allow me to share my most beloved Star Trek music videos.

To boldly go where no man has gone before! )
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Yeah, Music Videos. ^^

I am huge fan of (Anime) Music Videos, I have tons of them. And when I say tons, I mean tons. There is over 13 GB (!) of those in my PC, and that's only my favorite ones. OK, I gather them for years, but still ... it would use a cleanup. (I am terrified to even think about it!)

The thing I love most about them, is that you can pay a tribute to certain shows/characters, you can tell their story from different angle (or make outright fun of it) or you simply introduce your obsession.
But you need to look hard to find the really good ones. And it is even harder to make one. So far, I've created one and it cost me so much nerves, since that frigging movie maker was failing constantly! So I am really proud of it. You could find it here if you really want. I might do another one, but I am short of ideas. And that's what you need most - good idea. 'Cause otherwise, the MV would be just ... dull.

I have seen many amazing MV for many fandoms of mine, so it is impossible to share them all. But prepare yourself, 'cause I'll put here some from time to time. (You'll laugh your ass off due to the cracktastic TOS Star Trek ones. ^.~ I promise.)

But for now, let the spotlight fall upon this!

Oh My Fangirl God, I friggin love this vid! The quality of footage is not the best and sometimes the timing kinda fails, but it is my most beloved MV for Tintin. And I would kill for this version of song. (I would play it over and over ... wait, I'm actually doing that!)
All credits goes to ItaxKisa. Hail to her.
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Really, he must.
And I am not a believer.

Today, even though I didn't planned it, I just happen to be nearby, so I decided to stop there, I went to bookstore called "Cheap books". This shop make honour to its name, because various book like those printed some years ago, or last few pieces from stock, or (I strongly suspect that) those which didn't sell well are main merchandise there, and they are sold really cheap. But you cannot wait for too long, if you want something from this shop. (Yeah, no restocking. Once it is sold, it is sold for definitely.)And it is not a secondhand bookstore, all the books are (relatively) new and unused. It's great for christmas shopping.

And you can find real treasures there.
Which is what happened to me today.
So, now I am proud owner of "Shadows over Baker Street", fist czech edition printed in 2007, (of course in perfect shape) and it cost me only 17,- Czech crowns. Let me repeat: seventeen. It is less than 1 USD!

I feel fabulous! ^^
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Just something fabulous for the start of this month.
(I think I'll do this every month. Post some funny/adorable fanart on 1st might be nice.)

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When you are searching the net high and low for some pictures, you sometimes find real treasure.

I'm out of words 'cause I'm laughing so hard )
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HUGE pic-spam post. Better be prepared.

Somehow, I got myself into yet another fangirlism seizure. Probably due to watching Spielberg's movie again. This time, it was more graphic desire, so I searched the net for some new, funny pics with our beloved intrepid reporter. And I was amazed and amused with the "fake" covers of unknown Tintin's adventures.

Here are my personal favourites.

(Now, if only I would be able to do the Expand/Collapse thingy ...)

Let's start mildly. Official adventure with more cool cover. (Tintin looks totaly BAMF here.)

Old-school adventure. (Oh my fangirl God! Look at Skut!)

We all live in the yellow submarine Marlinspike hall.

Brand-new! The Mars series

Staying in the space theme. To bodly go where no man was before!

More modern Tibet.

Another Tibet. This time, it went horribly wrong.

One representative of Cthulhu crossovers.

You know, I actually feel sorry for the Aliens. They will get their ... body parts kicked.

Christmas came early this year. *Muhahahaha*

Wilde decadence!

LOL ^^

And the total top!

And this as the Kill for end. (I can not have missed it, thaks to my little nieces.)

Credits goes to all those cunning minds and skillful fingers who created those.
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