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Fill for the prompt Dear father. And partially for Child abuse promt as well.
Since I could speak Polish, I could as well use it. ^.~
part one part three
Warnings : (Mentions of) child abuse. Violence.
Tintin’s POV

Not in Blood, but in Bond – part 2/3

My head hurts.
“It was wrong.”
Father Dominic looked like eagle above prey. Grey hair shone in dim light of his office, softening sharp features, but not the ice in his eyes.
“It was wrong and you’ll be punished for disobeying the rules.”
He rose up and I sensed fear rushing through my whole body.

My head hurts.
I could not tear off my eyes from him. From the cane he took to his hand and swiped for trial.
“Bend over my desk.”
He hit me hardly to my face. “Bend over my desk.”
I stifled a sniff and obeyed.
“You.” Slam. “Are.” Slam. “Very.” Slam. “Naughty.” Slam. “Boy.” Slam. “And that is the reason why your parent gave you up.” SLAM.

My head hurts.
I open my eyes and breathe in sharply.
“Ah. You finally awakened.” Cold voice with strong accent. Slavonic. Russian?
I turn myself to face it’s owner. I stared blindly on him for a while, memorizing his features. Tall man in his late thirties, thin but muscular, pale and sly.
“Who are you?”
“My name is Jerzy.”
Oh, Polish.
I sit myself up, tugging the ropes that bound my wrists tentatively. “Pleasure to meet You, sir. What can I do for You?”
He looks at me dumbfounded. Being polite always works.
“Chch. Płeasure at my side. But I am afraid, that our biznes would not be so … nice.”
Oh, and I thought that I tied up all the loose ends in that case of forgery. Well. I stretch my hands as far as I could, examining the knots. “You were hired by mister Wołochowski to get me out of his way.” I declare simply.
Another amazed look and then he laughs loudly. “Yes. Dokładnie. Erm, exactly. Your reputation precedes you, panie Tintin.”
He sighs and rises from the chair he had been sitting up till now. “It pains me to do this.” He takes a cane, which was placed on a nearby crate. “I’m really, really sorry.”

My whole body hurts.
You are wrong.
You are misbehaved.
You are unwanted.
You were abandoned.
You do stick your nose to things which doesn’t concern you.
You shall be punished!
“Yer my Angel.”

I lost track of time.
“Tintin.” Captain’s voice was gentle.
I was too sleepy to react.
“Oh, lad, where are ya sleepin’?”
I heard his steps creaking on the old wooden floor of Marlinspike main study.
“Yer get stiff all over, if yer be sleepin’ with face in book.”
I probably mumbled something incoherent.
“C’mere, laddie. Ya need to get to yer bed.” And he lifted me easily to his arms. I curled instinctively, leaning into his warmth. But too soon he laid me to my bed, pressing a soft kiss on my forehead.
“Sleep well, my boy.”

I want to go home.
I force my eyes to open and shift slightly. The light has changed. Again. How many times was it? I struggle myself on my back while moaning silently. Jerzy had beaten me over and over but he had never hit my face. Claiming it would be shame to spoil such a beauty. It doesn’t matter to me. All I am concerned about is Captain. I couldn’t stop thinking about him. The way he fell to the ground after that blow. Silently. Lifelessly. Is he all right? Is he injured? Is he on the verge of nerve collapse since I didn’t returned yet? And what happened with Snowy?
But there is no way for me to make yet another miraculous escape. Not in my current state. Not with broken leg.
But I must find a way, I simply must.
The door to my private storehouse cell is thrown open and Jerzy walks inside.
“Myślę … I underestimated your companions.” With his always kind expression, he squats down to me, pats me gently on the broken leg. And then jerks with it. I scream.
“Boy, your father is one hell of a scary guy.”
“C…Captain?” I sense hope swell in my chest.
“Tak. He was like bulldog those last few days, searching for you high and low. But I really didn’t expect him to sniff out this place.”
I laugh. That’s my boy, Snowy.
“Panie Tintin, I got paid for disposing you of. And I’m professional.”
“So are my friends.”
“That’s why we are going for a little walk.”

Date: 28/09/2012 10:49 (UTC)From: [personal profile] unicorn1980
Oh, Tintin. Poor sweet child. What a terrible history in that orphanage :( I thought I'd cry when he dreamed of the Captain finding him asleep in the chair with a book. If he's the Captain's little angel, then Captain is his guardian angel, there to protect him when he's vulnerable. I knew he'd stop at nothing to find him.


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