21 December 2012

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NO, dear Kinkmeme, I din't forgot about you.
I swear.
It's just ... I'm soooooooooooooo busy. (And I enjoy it immensely. ^^)

One could have thought that when there is no school, I would have some time to myself [read as some time to write and just doing nothing], but that's not the case. Since I don't know what shall I sod it, it's have to do first.

So, all gifts are wrapped up. And I've done it all by myself. Why do I wrap all gifts? A - it's fun. Trust me. I'm that kind of girl who is able to play with and pick endlessly the decorated wraping paper / ribbons (that s it there for a reason) / label card and gift and make them all match in coulours to create a perfect wrapping. ^^ Plus, for smaller gifts, I'm doing origami boxes, and they need certain time to be made. B - I don't have to wash the dishes thanks to it. (division of labour *nod nod*)
So, flat is clean. *looks at her productive working mess on working table* Almost.
So, all confectioneries candies, let's just say candies. that way I won't twist my tongue inside out are baked, they just need to be decorated. Which will take half a day, at least. And then, my relatives will pop out and it will be eaten within a while. *sob* XD

On top of everything, I was away this weekend.
Sleepover at my best friends from high school. (Girl only ride! *idiotic grin*) We shared dorm room for four years, and boy, how do I miss them. That weekend wasn't enough! They both study at different university, in faraway city right now, but every once in a year, we make some conspiratorial meeting. This one was connected with Christmas markets and workshops (oooh, that was so much fun, I still have glitters everywhere from creating own tree decorations ^^), visiting a château nearby (special Christmas program) and lots and lots of chatting and prattling and laughing. I haven't had such a good laugh for ages. Second evening, we ended up unfolding our own story, absolutely silly one, based on few slips of tongue and buch of clichés, and we continued way over midnight. I think we went to bed around 3 o'clock? Amazing.

So, I have no time to sit down and write something. I wanted to write some small sweet Christmas related Tintin story. *singing* Won't be able to make it. *speaking normally again* Aaand, I wanted to post new chapter of Moonshire Mystery, biggest part of which was written during a train ride, so it will take me some time to decipher while retyping into PC. XD Plus, I need to do few redos and brush some things to perfection. But mostly, due to the situation in which that part end, I think it will be safer to write another part as well. Since, I am sadist. But not that big. (I'll give you a hint, Unicorn, I have strange irrepressible tendencies to endanger characters I love most.)

BTW, how was Doomsday for you? I spend it cleaning and tidying.
Me (tidying the bath - still not sure how did I end up doing it) : Hmmm, shouldn't the Apocalypse be here soon?
Grandma (cleaning the living room) : Well, it already half past twelve and no comet in sight. Keep scrubbing.


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