24 October 2012

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Fill for kinkmeme's Ghost Story prompt, as well as for much newer Halloween prompt.

Really? I am really posting my halloween fic already? Well, yes. ^^ Guess why. Mainly because it is multi-chapter (so far it looks like five or six parts, but as I know myself, it could be more). And I really, really want to post the second part on Halloween's eve.

I'm fond of ghost stories. I have weak spot for them, for the real old-fashioned ghost stories. Not for horrors. Since nowadays, horrors are mostly gore slashers, which I doesn't mind, but ... horror, true horror, need tense spooky atmosphere, which will make you shiver with fear even though you know there will be ghost/monster/madman/something waiting behind the corner to "boo" at the hero! Not a runaway, clinicaly insane serial killer who eliminate the bunch of high-schooler one by one, however creative he could be. He can be there, of course, but you need to be afraid.
So, I'll be aiming for similiar feeling in this creation of mine.

Warnings: Tintin/Haddock established relationship. Fluff(ish).

this part part two part three part four part five part six [next parts pending] I would try to post it weekly, but I can't promise.

Stay overnight, if you dare. )


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