2 October 2012

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Really, he must.
And I am not a believer.

Today, even though I didn't planned it, I just happen to be nearby, so I decided to stop there, I went to bookstore called "Cheap books". This shop make honour to its name, because various book like those printed some years ago, or last few pieces from stock, or (I strongly suspect that) those which didn't sell well are main merchandise there, and they are sold really cheap. But you cannot wait for too long, if you want something from this shop. (Yeah, no restocking. Once it is sold, it is sold for definitely.)And it is not a secondhand bookstore, all the books are (relatively) new and unused. It's great for christmas shopping.

And you can find real treasures there.
Which is what happened to me today.
So, now I am proud owner of "Shadows over Baker Street", fist czech edition printed in 2007, (of course in perfect shape) and it cost me only 17,- Czech crowns. Let me repeat: seventeen. It is less than 1 USD!

I feel fabulous! ^^


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