21 September 2012

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HUGE pic-spam post. Better be prepared.

Somehow, I got myself into yet another fangirlism seizure. Probably due to watching Spielberg's movie again. This time, it was more graphic desire, so I searched the net for some new, funny pics with our beloved intrepid reporter. And I was amazed and amused with the "fake" covers of unknown Tintin's adventures.

Here are my personal favourites.

(Now, if only I would be able to do the Expand/Collapse thingy ...)

Let's start mildly. Official adventure with more cool cover. (Tintin looks totaly BAMF here.)

Old-school adventure. (Oh my fangirl God! Look at Skut!)

We all live in the yellow submarine Marlinspike hall.

Brand-new! The Mars series

Staying in the space theme. To bodly go where no man was before!

More modern Tibet.

Another Tibet. This time, it went horribly wrong.

One representative of Cthulhu crossovers.

You know, I actually feel sorry for the Aliens. They will get their ... body parts kicked.

Christmas came early this year. *Muhahahaha*

Wilde decadence!

LOL ^^

And the total top!

And this as the Kill for end. (I can not have missed it, thaks to my little nieces.)

Credits goes to all those cunning minds and skillful fingers who created those.


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