9 September 2012

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I spent this weekend on family cottage. I love that place, it's relaxing to drop out from city to wild nature. And when I say wild nature I mean wild nature. It's not like our family cottage is on the edge of the world. It's more likely behind. Closest city is barely mile away, but you didn't seen the road.
I took my cat with me. Despite his name, my cat is pampered yellow-belly. To answer the question, I named him 'Lucifer'. And no, he is not black, he is ginger. When he was kitten he looked like blaze, but the red pigment just grew away. And he is total coward. I know it is cat's nature to be circumspect, but jumping twenty centimetres (8 inches) to the air just because someone in his near proximity unexpectedly moved ... WTF? He is afraid, among many other things, of: sudden movements, garden hosepipe, that curtain which hangs in main door of cottage, both of my nieces, vet, brushing, ... and dragonflies.
But to be honest, even I was afraid of that.
Now, I am a city girl, but I studied in small spa town. In summer heatwaves, sometimes the dragonflies from nearby brook (proudly called river by locals) used to fly really close to dormitory, sometimes even to balcony or inside. They were really beautiful colourful glittering gems. Small beautiful colourful glittering gems. Around an inch (2.5 cm).
That ... specimens which were fluttering around our garden were at least ten centimetres (4 inches) long! They were frigging huge! And there were four different kinds of them! I am used to the fact, that in our garden are fleshy spiders, so I don't look around much, but ... Is this normal size of dragonfly? I hope so, since the other possible explanation is that there are some mutagens in soil.


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