5 September 2012

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Warnings: Alternate Universe. Haddock/Tintin.

The Crab with the Mechanical Claws (part 7)

13th of July, 193-, Sirius
Tintin tries desperately not to laugh. But his own lips are betraying him, again and again turning into satisfied smile.
“How. Did. Yer. Got. Tickets. To. Here?
“I have connections.”
They look at each other, both fighting hard to suppress laugh.
Sirius, latest model of passenger-carrying rigid airship, most sumptuous vessel in K33 class, is a luxurious cruiser which stops in every airport city along its way. They will be in Malbork in three days. The reception room, furnished with leather coated armchairs, rosewood coffee-tables and heavy satin curtains, in which they are sitting right now offers breathtaking view outside through glassed-in wall.
“Out with the plan, laddie.”
“Do you know the competitive factory of ‘Tournesol’?” Tintin polishes Milou head-piece.
“‘Müller Stahlwerk’.”
“Cut out the German. Will yer?”
“If you wish.” The ginger reporter rises his hands in conciliatory gesture. “Last year, there was an accident in its main manufactory. It was all around the newspapers, starting a debate about safety in such institutions, since there were more than 10 deceased.”
“Explosion of steam-machine cause a mess.” Captain rubs his left side absentmindedly again.
Tintin notices the gesture, instantly remembering every time, when he saw Captain doing this. He mentally notes to ask about it at first suitable opportunity. “Thanks to this, we know where it is located.”
“Uh huh.”
“And what makes yer think, that professor Calculus is there.”
“It mesh together. Who else would risk kidnapping a famous engineer in the middle of street in broad daylight?”
Tintin laughs and pats Milou lovingly.
“So, we gonna run around the town, searching for professor?”
“No, Captain. If I am not mistaken, and I hardly am, we would need to sneak into the Malbork Castle.”
“Yer gotta be kidding.”

14th of July, 193-, somewhere in Prussia
“Yes, Thomson?”
“Where, by Great Scotland Yard, are we?”
Thompson looks around the desolated train station. No human in sight for miles, only an old cow chewing on pasture far away. Wild nature all around and absolutely no traces of civilization.
“In Preußen?”
“I can see it. But we are, apparently, not in Malbork.”
“Well, no.”
“Can you even imagine what will Tintin do without our supervision?”
The sudden paleness in Thompson’s face revealed that he could imagine it very well.

15th of July, 193-, Sirius
Tintin stares at map of Malbork Castle in the dim light of oil reading lamp, memorizing all details. He could only guess how many string must have Thompson and Thomson pulled to obtain this for him. That Interpol agent who delivered the map to him at Hannover surely didn’t have any idea, that he has one of most protected secret of Preußen in his hands. The map was old and, without any doubt, outdated, but it was the proverbial scratch from which they could start.
Archibald snores softly once again and turns over in spacious double bed. Tintin smiles, looking at the man and his automaton, which was lying in the foot of the bed, almost like a real dog. Strong feeling of tenderness washes over him. For great snakes, he met that man barely a week ago! But he knows, knows, that he could rely on him. That he will never be betrayed by him. Plus, there is that peculiar feeling, like butterflies fluttering inside his tummy, whenever Captain smiles at him. And that … incident in Calais. He could still feel the warmness of Captain’s body, the scratchy tingle from his beard.
Sadly, they didn’t have an opportunity to repeat it. First night here, he was so tired from all the phone calls, dealings and promises he had to made, that he barely crawled to bed. He doesn‘t even remember taking off his shoes. And this time, Captain fell asleep before he returned from bath.
Archibald moans.
The ginger reporter puts the map away and looks at the timepiece. Almost one o’clock in the morning. He didn’t plan to stay up so long, but this happens to him quite often. Especially when he immerse himself into something interesting.
Archibald tosses himself around and growls.
Milou lifts its head-piece up, looking at the other occupant of bed.
Something is wrong.

Author’s notes
x Sirius, in original stories, is merchant trawler under captain Chester, Haddock's old friend. It appears in 'The shooting star' and 'Red Rackham's Treasure'.
x Let me quote wiki : A rigid airship is a type of airship in which the envelope retained its shape by the use of an internal structural framework. K33 class in reality doesn't exist, but I imagine it as luxurious cruiser ship, very similiar to Hindenburg. Cruiser means that it will go to certain city, stays there for some time, letting the passengers to explore and shop and then heads to another city, stays ... and so on and so on. That's why the cruise from Calais to Malbork lasts for 3 days.
x 'Müller Stahlwerk' [Müller's Steelworks] is, as you can guess from its name, a steelworks, 'Tournesol Factory's' greatest rival. "Natürlich" means "naturally/of course" in German. Doctor J. W. Müller, villain who appeared in 'The Black Island', 'Land of Black Gold' and 'The Red Sea Sharks', is in this story an industrial tycoon without scruples.
x Hannover is a city in Germany. Which, in this story, is an independent state. I somehow didn't mentioned it before.
x Yes. Tintin and Haddock share the cabin and, yes, they do share even the bed.


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