18 August 2012

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The last part of the second fill for
http://tintin-kinkmeme.dreamwidth.org/1701.html?thread=1870501#cmt1870501 .
Warning: Tintin/Haddock, fluff ahoy!

A dinner to remember - part 4/4

“There’s no one.” Tintin sounds delighted.
The ginger steps close to bed, turning round. “Nobody.”
“T-Tintin, I'm right here.”
“Yes, you are. Where else should you be?”
Snowy barks, sniffing around one of the marble columns carved to look like female dancer.
“Ha!” exclaims Tintin, hasting to the statue, going directly over Archibald’s bed and it’s current inhabitant.
Captain looks at his younger friend, who is eyeing the stone dancer suspiciously, then at their dog who tries to scratch his way underneath the statue, and then at the ever silent dancer with ample bosom, who smiles mysteriously. Pondering if any of those currently present in this room has remainder sane.
“It must be here,” Tintin pouts.
Then the ginger grabs the statues breasts and pushes.
Archibald senses the heat rising to his cheeks from such a sight, but before he could actually say anything, the whole statue soundlessly slides back deep into the wall revealing a secret passage.
Tintin smiles triumphantly.
“H… How, blue blisterin’ barnacles, did yer know ‘bout it?”
“Well, it’s not such a big deal.” Curious as ever, Tintin steps inside the passage, but doesn’t venture far. “Somebody tried to kill me, using similar hidden entrance.”
“Tried to kill yer?!” Captain drops the frilly pillow in surprise.
“And it’s not such a big deal?!”
“Well, yes. I knocked him out.”
Archibald stares at Tintin in disbelief, but then simply shakes his head with a silent: “Whatever.” He rose from the bed while searching his clothes for box of matches. “Deserved such a thing for havin’ sooo stupid idea.”
Tintin giggles, whistles to theirs faithful dog whose white fur shines in the darkness of the passage far ahead, and returns to Captain’s rooms, Snowy at his heels.
Archibald meanwhile lights up an oil lamp and claps his cap on tight with resigned sigh.
“So, are we goin’?” He turns to his friend, prepared for everything. “Up to the unknown mysteries of this hostile palace.”
They are standing face to face, barely a metre apart.
Tintin’s features spreads to a huge grin.
“What?” Captain is completely puzzled by the ginger’s sudden obvious ignorance of the hidden passage and secrets it holds.
“Did you really meant it?”
“Of course! When adventure calls, there’s no way to stop yer. All I could do is let myself drag into, coverin’ yer up.”
“I am not talking about this,” Tintin nods his head towards the secret entrance. “I am talking about that.”
“Oh. That.” That. D.A.M.N. “Yer,” Archibald swallows faintly, “heard it?”
“I believe that the whole palace must have heard it.”
“Oh. Ah. I mean … It’s not like that … well, it is, but not in that way. Or rather, yes, but … no, no, nevermind … I … I … maybe overdrawn it a bit. A bit lot. I didn’t …”
The reporter sniggers, stopping Captain’s litany.
“Archibald Haddock, I love you.”
Saying this, Tintin throws himself forward, wrapping his arms around Archibald and pulls him for a clumsy kiss. Tiptoeing and leaning against him without restrain, his weight pushing unprepared and completely amazed Captain down. Archibald’s left arm shots up, clenching tightly the oil lamp, while the right fences in the air in futile attempt to take hold of something. His head hits the night table with loud thud, Tintin lands on him, accidentally kneeing his groins.
Snowy tilts his head to side, visibly amused.
“Archibald!” Tintin takes Captain’s head into his hands whilst sitting on his lap, searching for injuries. “Are you all right?”
“Owww. Oooh.”
“Nothin’ I couldn’t handle.”
They look at each other, suddenly burst into laughing, cuddling together, theirs foreheads touching.
“There are people who want to kill us.” Captain gently strokes the strangulation marks on Tintin’s neck.
“Who did yer pissed off this time?”
“Wonder …”
Snowy yaps on them, mischievously wagging his tail.
“We better sort out that first.” Archibald points vaguely to the secret passage.
“Oh. Right.” Tintin unwillingly stands up, helping Captain get to his feet.
Archibald holds the oil lamp high in the air. “Ready for another great adventure, mister reporter?”
“You know,” Tintin smiles at his Captain, coyly entwines their hands together, “You already are my greatest adventure.”


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