15 August 2012

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Another fill for
http://tintin-kinkmeme.dreamwidth.org/1701.html?thread=1870501#cmt1870501 .
Seriously, I should be studying for my Japanese exams, they're nearing really rapidly. But this just get me hooked. So much fun. ^,~
Warning: Tintin/Haddock, terrible meals and a drunken kiss.

A dinner to remember - part 1/4

Drinking on an empty stomach wasn’t exactly the best idea. But that strong, local alcoholic beverage was the only edible thing during the whole dinner. And what a dinner it was. Just remembering that dreadful event made his stomach flinch. Such a courses. Scarabs, or whatever those bugs were. He had eaten insects before, during his naval past, somewhere it is considered delicacy, somewhere is nothing else to eat. But this ones were alive, for heaven’s sake! Next, snakes, friggin’, wigglin’, livin’ snakes stuffed into gigantic anaconda! Chilled monkey brains. And, oh god, that soup. It smelled wonderfully, but it was looking at him!
Short to tell, Captain Archibald Haddock hopes that he will never ever again experience such a dinner. But, on the other hand, the fact, that he didn’t throw up or fainted there on spot, made him extremely proud of himself. He used an excuse of sick stomach, which wasn’t an excuse at all, and left Tintin to ‘enjoy the meal’. And Snowy was clever enough to leave with him.
His stomach rumbled and Snowy growls in response. Oh, barnacles, they hadn’t had a decent meal for days. Since their rushed leave from Shanghai, when Tintin stormed in their hotel room, dragging them away from breakfast into a chase with Chinese mafia, boarding a suspicious plane. Which crashed. Seriously, how does that lad do it? Every friggin’ time they travel by plane, an ‘accident’ happens.
Irritated, he throws himself to his bed, that sudden movement promptly make his stomach protest. He will have a Hangover. Yeah, with the capital letter. Snowy jumps at him and starts licking his face.
“Good boy. Yer feeling with me, right?”
Determined knocking at the doors made Archibald wince a little. The young reporter steps into the room with a smile, hands hidden behind his back.
“Oh, setting for the night already?”
“That’s a pity, since I brought something you might like, Captain.” In one swift movement, like in a magic trick, Tintin reveals a silver bowl filled with fruits. Captain props himself up like a Swiss knife and yelps happily.
Tintin chuckles. “I couldn’t help but noticed how hostile were your looking at local specialties.” Seating himself in the foot of the bed, he places the bowl between them and picks a single grape.
“Oh, b-boy, yer an angel.” Captain hastily grabs an apple and bites into it hungrily. How could a simple fruit bring so much joy?
Tintin laughs and scratches Snowy behind ears.
“H-hope yer didn’t tr-tra-tasted t-those th-things.”
“Captain, are you drunk?”
Yes. “NO.” Too quick.
“Captain.” Tintin pulls of his stern gaze.
“M-maybe I’m litttle tt-tipsy.”
“Breathe out on me.” Tintin leans forward.
The lad coughs. “Captain!” He says, alarmed. “That’s not just tipsy. You must have drank at least whole bottle.” His brows furrows, forming the ‘you’ve been a bad boy’ expression.
Tintin is close. Too close.
And Archibald is just too drunk to hold back like he usually does.
In a sudden, rushed movement, Captain grabs Tintin by shoulders, pressing himself to the boy and forcing their lips together.
Tintin’s eyes widens with surprise and he freezes for a while. Then he pushes against Captain’s chest with all the force he possess.
Archibald makes a ‘huff’ sound while landing on his back.
“CAPTAIN!” shock and disbelief resonates within the ginger’s voice. “You are drunk and this is not the right thing to do! We will talk this over when you sober up.”
When the doors slams behind his younger friend, Archibald simply blankly stares at the ceiling.
Well …
This is a fine mess.


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