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I can tell, in all honesty, that the original Star Trek series is my childhood. It run on TV every sunday when I was around 10-12 years of age and I watched it with my mom. I loved it and I still do, but I must admit that for me TOS is the one and only true Star Trek. All latter series (Voyager, Enterprise, DS9, whatever) had never appealed to me so much as that old naive and sometimes even primitive original from 60's. The crew with Mister Spock, Doctor "Bones" McCoy and Captain Kirk, the overacting, the stylization, those visible strings on which space-ship models hanged, the painted background, ... *dreamy sigh*

So allow me to share my most beloved Star Trek music videos.

Captain Kirk - The Womanizer

Hell yes! Just yes! Kirk doesn't need to do anything, he will only look and every woman in the whole universe would fall for him head over heels.

Search for Doctor Bones

I love the 2009 reboot! Some fans of original don't actually appreciate it, considering it way to modern and action paced, without the naivety, but I enjoyed it immensely.

Thanks for the Memories (Warning : 18+)

Reboot once again. Most slash fans support Kirk/Spock, but I have weakness for love/hate relationships, so I prefers pairings which are constantly squabbling. Doctor McCoy's and Spock's quarrels in TOS are my most beloved parts.

And the top for the end. ^.~
The best thing is, all footage really come from the series. It just needed the right cut and timing, so the Enterprise mission looks like never-ending party. :3

All credits goes to those cunning minds who created this jewels.

Date: 27/10/2012 19:31 (UTC)From: [personal profile] unicorn1980
LOL at the last scene in 'Womaniser'! That's right, Kirk. Why stop at the ladies XD I knew he was charming, but until this I never realised how much he got around. Kirk sure has some 'come hither' eyes <3 Suddenly his characterization in the reboot makes more sense to me :D

I really enjoyed the reboot too. Looking forward to the next movie with BBC Sherlock's Benedict Cumberpatch in it! :D 'Thanks For The Memories' was great. Oooh, romantic angst on the Enterprise - and hot little love scenes adding some spice :)

OMG! LMAO at 'Last Friday Night' XD Seriously, I laughed so hard watching this. The lyrics and the clips, and the 'pictures of last night ended up online'. Oh lord. And the 'epic fail', 'kicked out of the bar', 'danced on tabletops'... Oh my Gosh I could go on, this is too funny. And YAY, tribbles. I loved the tribbles <3

'Tik Tok' had some great bits too! Thanks for sharing these, they made my night :D


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